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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the student’s major school/college. An activity from the student’s minor school will not satisfy the requirement. To see the most updated list of courses and non-credit activities that fulfill the requirement for each school/college, visit the Engage platform.

Dual degree students with majors in two different schools/colleges may satisfy the requirement from either school’s list. They will only need to satisfy it once.

It depends on the student’s major school/college. To see the most updated list of courses and non-credit activities that fulfill the requirement for the other colleges, visit the EL Courses and Activities page.

A list of most current blanket statements for S-suffix courses, R-suffix courses, CURO, study away and field studies can be found on the blanket statements page.

As long as the course is in the approved list of EL courses and activities, it will satisfy the requirement. Some one-hour courses (and equivalent activities) have been approved.
A list of UGA approved study abroad and field study opportunities can be found on the Office of Global Engagement's study away portal. Programs should automatically check the box in DegreeWorks if the school/college has approved the specific program or has a blanket statement. Contact us if you think the box should be checked and isn’t. 
No. Once the requirement has been satisfied, it is always satisfied, though it students are encouraged to participate in an experiential learning activity in their new major as well!
There are many different ways to fulfill the requirement, including courses, study abroad, research, service learning and more. We recommend that you talk with your students early in their career about experiential learning. If a student is unable to find anything on the EL Courses and Activities page, he/she should check with their home school or college’s Experiential Learning Certification Officer to see if an exception is an option. Note: Exceptions for alternative EL requirement activities must be approved in advance of the activity.
A current list of EL Certification Officers can be found at this link.
Information on student and activity eligibility and the scholarship application can be found on our Scholarships page. 
If you believe a student has completed the requirement, but it is not reflected in DegreeWorks, contact us at
No. The requirement may not be satisfied through transfer of course credits from a previous institution or other activities prior to matriculation at the University of Georgia.
If you feel a course should be considered for experiential learning, please contact our office. We will reach out to the home school/college to see if they are interested in proposing it for EL.