Partner FAQs

A:  As a UGA Partner you will expand your access to UGA’s talent pipeline across all majors and fields of study, raise brand awareness with increased promotion of your student opportunity across campus, and increase partnership opportunities with other UGA programs.

A: Each approved internship must (1) Meet the five required EL learning outcomes: Engagement, Mentorship, Challenge, Ownership, and Self or Social Awareness, (2) Provide a job description for the internship, and (3) Sign an employer agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with the University. 

A: We promote internship opportunities through our office’s social media channels, on the campus Engage platform, on Handshake (an online platform used by students to find jobs/internships), and through regular communication with academic advisors.

A:  The approval process can take several weeks to complete, but the Office of Experiential Learning has resources and experienced staff to help you through the process.